Guitar by Jimi is the best website you will ever find to learn how to play guitar. Guitar by Jimi is broken into two areas:
  1. General guitar lessons – covering Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each lesson is 20+ minutes and only costs $9.95.
  2. Guitar solos you always wanted to learn note for note (I mean really off the record) – A lesson can vary from 20 minutes to well over an hour! Prices are $9.95, 19.95 and 29.95, depending on the complexity of the solo.

Free Videos

Here are some free videos for you. You can get a sense of my love for teaching, accuracy and my teaching style. Enjoy!

 ArtistGuitar PlayerTitle 
NewAC DCAngus YoungDirty Deeds And They're Done Dirt Cheap
NewQueenBrian MayCrazy Little Thing Called Love
guitarbyjimi.comJim FugeAlbum Release
guitarbyjimi.comJim FugeGetting a Great Sound
guitarbyjimi.comJim FugeHow to Improvise
guitarbyjimi.comJim FugePracticing
guitarbyjimi.comJim FugeThe best guitar player
guitarbyjimi.comJim FugeTip for soloing - Wiggle
guitarbyjimi.comJim FugeTips On How To Solo
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageBring it on home
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageD'Yer Mak'er
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageHot Dog - Beg Riff
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageHot Dog - Solo
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageImmigrant Song
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageMoby Dick
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageRock 'n Roll - The Rhythm guitars
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageTangerine
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageThe Ocean - 1st Solo
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageThe Ocean - 2nd Solo
Led ZeppelinJimmy PageWhat is and what should never be