Guitar by Jimi is the best website you will ever find to learn how to play guitar. Guitar by Jimi is broken into two areas:
  1. General guitar lessons – covering Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each lesson is 20+ minutes and only costs $9.95.
  2. Guitar solos you always wanted to learn note for note (I mean really off the record) – A lesson can vary from 20 minutes to well over an hour! Prices are $9.95, 19.95 and 29.95, depending on the complexity of the solo.

Guitar by Jimi is the Holy Grail for learning how to play guitar. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, Guitar by Jimi has a lesson for you.

Once you purchase your videos, the videos are available in the account that you created and you get online lifetime access. There are no DVD's to wait for in the mail. You get instant online access.

The amount of information that is given in each lesson is staggering! You will learn SO much, whether it’s a general guitar lesson or a specific solo. My teaching style really gets through and you will become a great guitar player as a result.

As for my lessons that teach solos, they are absolutely off the record. I teach SLOWLY, a few times over just to make sure you get it, as if you were having a one on one lesson. And after you get through my lesson and start playing the solo, your ears (and everyone else’s) will be amazed how off the record your playing is.

So why Guitar by Jimi?

  • Click on the many FREE VIDEOS I am giving away and see my teaching style for yourself!

  • People’s comments are worth a thousand words. See what my students are saying in my TESTIMONIALS section.

  • Endorsed by Bob Held !! CLICK HERE

  • Check out my PERFORMANCE VIDEOS of me playing some of the most iconic solos ever, note for note. Solos like: Heartbreaker (Led Zep), The End (Beatles), Eruption (Van Halen), White Room (Clapton/Cream), etc. It took me over 2,000 hours to do just eight videos – that’s right, no exaggeration. Why? I did a lot of great takes but I refused to publish a video claiming to be note for note, off the record, without being able to completely back it up with a perfect take.

  • The teaching style is so unique and all videos are extremely reasonably priced.

  • I try to add a few free videos every month or so. It’s my way of saying thank you to my students who follow me and purchase my paid videos.

  • I teach on my videos like I teach one on one – I don’t teach just the task at hand; if something else comes up that is important to guitar playing in general, or if there is more information about the solo or the player (do not underestimate this) that is very important to know, I teach it. I always give more than the lesson at hand, it’s just my nature.

If you are really serious about playing guitar, these videos will change your life. You will impress a lot of people, including yourself!

Check back often for free videos. Of course, I’m open to any requests, just send me an Email in the CONTACT US page.